March 2018

Linear Lighting make a healthy light environment

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Modern architecture should not only pay attention to the elementsof interior space, but also pay attention to the lighting on the indoor environment produced by the aesthetic effect,and the resulting psychological effects. Therefore,taking practical measures to conscientiously do a good job of indoor lighting in buildings is an important part of people's pursuit of the perfect unification of artistic themes and visual [...]

2216 SMD High CRI 90-95Ra LED Strip Light – High Lumen Efficiency 120lm/w-150lm/w Linear stripe Lighting (Continous Linear Led Lighting Strip)

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  Product Features: -Ideal for fast installation into many applications like signs, displays, pelmets, also suitable for advertising signs, hotels, bars, KTV, nightclubs, bridges and other building facades and home lighting projects. - flexible LED strip with self-adhesive backing - 240/300/420 LEDs SMD2216 per meter in single row -High Lumen Efficiency 120lm/w-150lm/w -Continous Linear stripe [...]

LED color consistency

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  Color consistency represents a light quality index for led light fittings. The indicator called correlated color temperature, describes white light as neutral, warm (reddish), or cool (bluish). Even when the CCT value is same, there is variation that can be easily discerned. LED lighting manufacturers aim to ensure color consistency by developing methods to [...]

Strict Production Quality Control System For LED Strip Light

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  LED lighting is a high precision products. It’s unbelievable that a number of manufacturers make it on very simple production line. All processing steps in our production system are strongly strict and important. And we have a full set of equipment for production and quality control. That’s why our rejects down to 0.0001%. Just [...]

Buying Tips on LED Stripe Lights

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  Brightmax Lighting have a broad category of led strip lights that includes all different LED size, color temperature, IP rating, lumen output, dimension, etc. Follow us through this post for the important factors for LED strip lighting and run through our full line of LED stripes. Size of LED: 3528SMD: Subtle light – Ideal [...]

October 2017

6 secrets revealed – LED strips industry

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As the international standards for LED lighting are still being developed it is important that buyers have the right information before making a purchasing decision.   If you are buying LED strips manufactured by factories. You must be aware of the following before making your next purchase.   Secret #1 – Overdrive the LED strip [...]